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Now is the time to get involved, either through helping with our current campaigns or through direct donations. One Hundred For Haiti has saved actual lives since the earthquake. Not statistics. Not facts meant to impress you, but actual lives. Josue Lajeunesse who needed funds to get his sister into a medical clinic after the quake told us that “Without that money my sister would have DIED.” That’s as direct an endorsement as we could ever hope to have, and many more are on the way. Ask us today about becoming part of the group within One Hundred For Haiti that we refer to as 'The One Hundred'.

Be a part of a powerful team. Here are the newest members of The One Hundred, each of whom have donated $1000 or more to the cause:

Congratulations to Michael Scott and Milliman, the newest member of "The One Hundred": thank you for your extremely generous donations to One Hundred For Haiti!

Jim Ray Company: The Jim Ray Company has been serving the oil and gas industry since 1976 as a manufacturer and distributor of sealing products. Their products are used worldwide in the industry and are recognized as industry-leading in terms of quality and performance. Thanks Jim Ray!

Premiere Speakers Bureau: one of the world's top bureaus for booking professional speakers for events worldwide, such as Anderson Cooper, Lance Armstrong, Ben Stein, and the guys from Mythbusters, among hundreds of others.

Jaazz Salon and Skin Care Center: rated one of the top 200 salons in North America by Salon Today Magazine, Jaazz catapulted itself into The One Hundred with an incredible "Haircuts For Haiti" benefit that included rock music blaring, haircuts, and solid sponsorship from partner companies who care.


While in Haiti, we have seen unimaginable horror in the midst of people struggling to embrace life. We have seen entire medical clinics in need of the most basic medicines. We asked the medical director of one hospital in Port au Prince what he most needed and he replied “Acetiminophen.” Tylenol. Just tylenol. What if you went in for emergency care at the hospital and they had run out of everything including Tylenol?

We are devoted to not only pursuing helping people we’ve already met. We are committed to finding new people to help, nurture, and save. We don’t just come to Haiti when there is someone here reporting on people in need. We come to Haiti when there is NO news. We find people in need. And then we take action. Join us, and you can be a part of this mission.

TO JOIN "The One Hundred" with your $1000 or more contribution to this critical direct action work in Haiti, contact us today. If you have less to donate, we absolutely still welcome those donations! Click the "donate" link to the right to continue.

We will be in touch to talk to you in person about adding you to the list of The One Hundred. If you have ANY questions, call or email us anytime. Greg Bennick can be reached directly at (206) 528-5500, or by emailing