How We Work In Haiti

We are in touch directly with people in need on the ground in Haiti, both in Port au Prince, Jacmel, rural villages and hard-to-reach areas in the Central Plateau.

Current donations are funding the initiation for the Moto Logistics program.

In terms of the medical clinic run by Dr. Jacques Denis, when he is in urgent need, when donations to One Hundred For Haiti come in to us, we send them to Haiti once we get $1000 or more. We send to Dr. Jacques Denis via Western Union.

Recently donations paid for a seriously injured man in La Source to get medical attention when hospitals were filled with cholera patients. People like you, who had donated $2, $50, $100 at a time, allowed us to send money to Haiti to get him transported to a private medical clinic, have him seen and cared for, and then given medicine as well.

We are a conduit for funds and are absolutely willing to connect donors directly to people in Haiti who need support. We can give you contact information for people in Haiti, and you can send them money directly: we recognize that in the aftermath of the quake, that donors are sometimes skeptical of relief organizations and their overhead costs that absorb donated funds. Our overhead costs are extremely low. We still offer to donors the option to sending funds directly to the people in need. Contact us anytime for details.

The work being done in Haiti by the activists associated with One Hundred For Haiti is ongoing. As money comes in, lives get saved immediately. Our first member of The One Hundred (donors at the $1000 level and up) sent $1200, and within 48 hours, a dying woman named Anith Lajeunesse was moved with that money, from a collapsed home in Port-au-Prince to a private medical clinic where her life was saved. Within one week, that money was also used to fly a young girl home from Port-au-Prince to her father in New Jersey. The girl was a US citizen visiting Haiti at the time of the earthquake and would otherwise have been trapped there were it not for an anonymous member of The One Hundred, in the very early days right after the quake.