About Us

One Hundred For Haiti is a global collective of individuals, artists, businesses, and organizations who are providing direct action, humanitarian aid through relief initiatives and rebuilding projects to help in the healing process of post-earthquake Haiti. The group is devoted to ongoing development in Haiti and have already, in the two years since our inception, been directly responsible for sending over fifteen tons of food to Haiti, as well as coordinating logistics for the delivery and distribution of an additional ten tons of medical and other supplies, stocking the shelves of a medical clinic in one of Port au Prince's poorer neighborhoods, providing temporary jobs to Haitian workers, and more. The group has supported development projects for rural communities and has also provided funding for emergency health care for Haitian citizens as well as evacuation to the USA for stranded Haitian Americans after the earthquake. To facilitate this work, we have accepted donations as small as a single dollar and as large as many thousands of dollars and our work on the ground stems from that support. The assistance we provide comes from our own actions and through our direct involvement with other humanitarian activists in Haiti. We are an officially recognized Washington State Charity.

Any donor skeptical that the funds will reach their intended recipient in Haiti should contact us so that we can put you in touch directly with your questions to any recipient in-country.

You can be one of The One Hundred, the core group of donors at the $1000 level and up. Your place of business, your work, your college can be one of The One Hundred. All it takes is clicking the “Join the Hundred” link and getting in touch. Donations can be one time, or ongoing. All of our work is fully transparent. We work to earn our overhead costs from outside sources so that almost every penny of your donation can be used for direct action humanitarian aid.